Here are the various demonstration activities exhibiting results of the SimpleFleet project.


SimpleFleet Online Demo

SimpleFleet’s online demo is a Web-application that does not require any form of installation from end-users, other than the use of a modern Web-browser. SimpleFleet’s demo uses and utilizes latest JavaScript Web-technologies to be easy to use as well as fast, responsive and quite impressive at the same time. SimpleFleet’s online demo covers the areas of three metropolitan European cities, namely: Athens (Greece), Berlin (Germany) and Vienna (Austria). To the best of our knowledge, this is the first online interactive mapping application that provides live-traffic isochrone computation, a feature not available even in commercial mapping apps, such as Bing or Google maps. Details about the various scientific advances of the SimpleFleet project (included the live-traffic isochrone computation) is provided in the Publications page of this site.

For optimal performance, only 50 isochrone requests are currently allowed per day and user. Right now, the online demo supports Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari web browsers. 


SimpleFleet and Demographics data

In this demo, created by project partner WigeoGIS, we see the impact of live traffic to the reachability of  customers and households from specific locations in Vienna and Berlin. This demo was also showcased at the ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS 2013 scientific conference.


iFleet demonstrator app

The iFleet demonstrator app is publicly available at the iTunes store for limited preview. Try it out!!