Press Releases

Here are all the online press releases of the SimpleFleet project.

  • Online press release of DLR under the DLR news portal for Berlin. The English Version can be found here.
  • Another SimpleFleet press release was published on 27/07/2012:
  • On 31.10.2012, an article in “Adlershofjournal” about the DLR site at Berlin describes both a previous national funded research project which DLR was involved in (BMWi-funded project “SmartTruck”), and the present project SimpleFleet. This article is based on an interview, which the scientific representative of the project’s coordinator DLR (Dr. Rüdiger Ebendt) gave to Adlershofjournal:
  • On 08.11.2012, the science portal “Berlin Sciences” ( published a similar online article, both in German and in English Language. The English version can be found here:
  • On 10.03.2014, a new online press release of DLR was published under the DLR Berlin news portal here:
  • The press release has also been published under the DLR transportation news portal here:
  • On 10.03.2014, the science portal “Berlin Sciences” ( published a similar online article here:
  • On 10.03.2014, another similar press release was published here:
  • Partner ATHENA published project information on the portal of the Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS) here
  • Partner TALENT published project information on the company portal here: